Company Updates


Two new members have joined our CASL Management Team

We are pleased to announce that two new members have joined our CASL management team in March 2023, Mr. Philip James Roberts, Head of Business Transformation and Lean and Mr. Jackie Kwok, Senior Manager -Line Operations.

Philip has commenced his employment in CASL on 20th March, 2023. He holds various academic qualifications that supports his business transformation experience. Philip has held several leadership positions in business aircraft maintenance operations, logistics, maintenance planning, technical services, support shops and aero structure component repair and manufacture. With over 17 years of experience in aerospace and business aviation MRO operations, it ensures Philip will bring in new insights that enhances the transformation and cultural change of CASL in a pro-active and positive direction.

Mr. Jackie Kwok joins on 29th March 2023. Some of you will know Jackie who served his apprenticeship in HAECO where he worked for over 10 years. Jackie has lived and worked overseas. We are very pleased to see him returning to Hong Kong and join CASL. With his past solid working experience in operations, it ensures he can further strengthen the team work and management of Cabin Services, Ramp Services and Line Maintenance Departments.

Please join me in welcoming Philip and Jackie to the CASL family.

Philip James Roberts

Jackie Kwok