Company Updates


CASL receives Best All-Round MPF Employer Award

We are delighted to receive for the second consecutive time the Best All-round MPF Employer Award from the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority in recognition of CASL being a Good MPF Employer for seven consecutive years!

With our continuous efforts in enhancing retirement protection for our employees over the years, CASL is also presented the Good MPF Employer 5 Years+ Award, e-Contribution Award and MPF Support Award in 2020-2021.

As a responsible employer, not only do we offer more than one MPF scheme for our employees to choose from to suit their needs and preferences while complying with the MPF legislation, we also offer MPF voluntary contributions and actively promote updates and tips on MPF to our colleagues through our communication channels. It is our honor to be recognized by the Authority for our support in retirement protection for our colleagues!

Did you know CASL was selected to be one of the companies to share in an interview with the Authority? Click here to check out our video interview if you haven’t!