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CASL driver’s extra step successfully prevented accident

On a fine afternoon in mid-April, as our Ramp Services tractor driver Leung Ka Kui (on the right of the photo) was preparing for a usual flight departure, however he noticed something wasn’t right. As he was about to take over the push-back activity from an airport partner, the missing of a steering by-pass pin caught his attention. His years of experience and constant look out for safety hazards suggested himself to remind the airport colleague to insert the steering by-pass pin first before connecting his tractor with the tow bar.

It was Leung’s extra step that successfully prevented an aviation accident from happening. Had he not put safety above all else, the wide-body aircraft’s nose landing gear would have suffered from damage, potentially delaying the short haul flight and causing undesired losses.

We are honored to have staff members like Leung who always put safety above everything!