Company Updates


CASL first in HKIA to receive Equal Opportunity Employer Gold Award

Headquartered in Asia’s world city, Hong Kong, CASL understands the importance of diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to receive the Equal Opportunity Employer Gold Award in recognition of our efforts in creating a harmonious workplace from the Equal Opportunities Commission. This means that CASL has exceptional achievements in all four aspects including gender equality, equality for diverse abilities, family status equality, as well as racial equality and inclusion, demonstrating our commitment to promoting the values of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion despite the difficult challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the 420 applications submitted to the EOC, CASL is proud to be one of 14 companies and the first company at Hong Kong International Airport to receive the Gold Award at the EOC’s first ever recognition scheme. CASL’s representative attended the award presentation ceremony on May 14 at the EOC headquarters and received the trophy from the Mr. Tsang Kwok Wai, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau and Mr. Ricky Chu, Chairperson of the EOC. CASL will continue to promote inclusion and be a part in creating a better society based on respect and understanding.

(Photo credit: Equal Opportunities Commission)