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              Improving Aviation Safety with International Peers

              國際合作  共同提升航空安全

             Safety is the top priority in aviation sector. It links with   安全對於整個航空業來說至關重要,它關係到每一個
             every  single  person  and  organisation  in  the  industry.   業界機構和個人。為推行有效的安全管理措施,民航
             To  promote  effective  safety  management  strategies,
                                                               處、香港航空業協會於 2016 年 5 月聯合舉辦了
             the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and the Hong
                                                               「2016 航空安全會議」,會議獲國際民用航空組織大
             Kong Aviation Industry Association organised the Avia-
             tion  Safety  Conference  in  May  2016,  with  supports   力支持。
             from International Civil Aviation Organisation.
                                                               17 位來自國外和本地航空業的代表分別在會上分享
             17 speakers from the global and regional aviation sec-
             tor  shared  their  experiences  and  views  on  aviation
             safety. Mr Vincent Fung, Assistant General Manager of
             Quality  Assurance,  one  of  the  speakers,  presented
             CASL’s safety management system and exchanged ide-  會者進行討論。行政總裁張謙華博士亦到場支持並致
             as  with  participants.  Dr  Angus  Cheung,  CEO  of  CASL   閉幕辭。
             also delivered the closing remarks at the Conference.

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