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                                       Airbus FHS Selects CASL to Become

                                       a Major Contributor in Hong Kong

                                       中飛公司為空中巴士 FHS 提供重要支援服務

            The  opening  ceremony  for  Airbus  Flight  Hour  Services   2016 年 6 月 22 日,空中巴士公司飛行小時服務香港航
            (FHS)  spares-pool  &  logistics  platform  was  held  on  22   材庫存及物流系統正式啟動,並假富豪機場酒店舉行
            June 2016. CASL has become a major supplier of Airbus
            by providing local supports for A350 XWB in Hong Kong.
                                                               空中巴士 A350  XWB 客機的飛行小時服務提供地區支

            This collaboration is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for   援。
            CASL. There will be a continuous growth of A350s in Asia,
            as well as the maintenance needs. It is wise for airlines to   是次合作,為中飛公司帶來不可多得的發展契機。隨著
            have the MRO services locally, which can help to improve
                                                               愈來愈多亞洲航空公司購入 A350 客機,其維修需求也
            operation efficiency, reliability and service quality. There-
            fore hosting the platform in Hong Kong would not only
            benefit Airbus and CASL, but also address the operational
            needs  for  airlines.  On  the  whole,  it  will  also  reinforce   此,這次中飛公司與空中巴士公司合作,不但有利於雙
            Hong Kong’s status as an aviation centre and MRO hub in   方的業務發展,令航空公司運作更有效率,同時有助鞏
            Asia.                                              固香港作為亞洲航空樞紐和飛機維修中心的地位。

            CASL’s  commitment,  flexibility  and  capabilities  have
            made this collaboration into reality. In accordance with
            the  high  standard  of  Airbus,  CASL  has  rearranged  the   達到空中巴士公司的嚴謹要求,中飛公司重新安排了
            storage space for more than 1,000 components, integrat-  可容納超過 1,000 件航材的庫存空間、整合和開發新的
            ed  and  developed  new  IT  systems,  and  formed  a  24-7-  電腦系統,還特別設立了一個 24 小時全天候運作的專
            365 dedicated team for this project. CASL takes this op-
            portunity to further upgrade its capabilities and pave the
            way for future development.

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