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Nurturing Talents for Aviation Industry                                           ISSUE 7
                    培育航空業人才  P5                                                              AUGUST 2016 八月

                    Supporting the 113th
                    IATP Conference
                    贊助國際航空組織會議  P6

                    Promoting Safety in a Creative Way
                    生動手法宣揚安全訊息  P8
                                              CASL  中飛通訊

         Newsletter of China Aircraft Services Limited   SPIRIT
         Safety First 安全至上 ‧ Positive Communication 積極溝通 ‧ Innovation 不斷創新 ‧
         Resources Management 善用資源 ‧ Improvement on Continuous Basis 持續改進 ‧
         Teamwork 團隊精神 ‧ Satisfaction of Customers 顧客為本

                                                Airbus FHS Selects CASL to Become
                                                  a Major Contributor in Hong Kong

                                                                    中飛公司為空中巴士 FHS

                                                                         提供重要支援服務 P4

                                                                                       Download CASL SPIRIT
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